What is the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Project?

In November 2021, Fredericksburg, VA Main Street began raising funds to install bronze river otters in locations around Downtown – the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Project! Now we have bronze river otters in key locations symbolically connecting the Rappahannock River and Riverfront Park with our Downtown Business District. These river otters serve as a fun way to inform residents and tourists about the attributes of beautiful Downtown Fredericksburg and the Rappahannock River.

Meet the Artists

We utilized all local artists and creatives in support of this project! Like the river otter, your money is swimming downstream and supporting numerous business owners and artists right here in Fredericksburg.

Find the Bronze Otters

Bronze otters are located near points of interest around Downtown Fredericksburg. Find the otters, scan the QR code located on their information plaque, and get to know more about the people and places that make Fredericksburg Otter-ly Amazing!

Get Involved

We would love for you to join our project!  Volunteer your time, get your business involved, or donate to one of our many ongoing efforts.

Why choose a River Otter as our mascot?

These furry river dwellers are a crucial indicator of an aquatic ecosystem’s health. Their presence is a sign of good water quality. Thanks to the cleanup efforts from local environmental organizations like Friends of the Rappahannock, otters have started returning to our river! The otter will now proudly serve as a symbol of the health and vitality of our city.

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