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Interested in being a part of the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg project?

Join our volunteer team: e-mail [email protected]

Or you may donate to support ongoing efforts by texting FXBGOTTERS to 44-321.

Timeline & Goals


November 2021 – Fredericksburg, VA Main Street launched the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg fundraising campaign.

December 2021 – Fredericksburg, VA Main Street with support from the Economic Development and Tourism Department produced and sold the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Board Game.

February 2022 – The Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Project Committee was officially formed to support ongoing fundraising and project goals.

April 2022 – Partnership with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library for an Otter Story Walk along the Heritage Trail on Caroline Street.

May 2022 –

  • Otter Coming Out Party with the unveiling of the first 7 bronze otter sculptures.
  • Launch of the Project website.

Summer 2022 –

  • Launch the official Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Scavenger Hunt.
  • Create the Otter-ly Amazing Conservation Award honoring those individuals or organizations who are working to restore and protect our river and trail resources.


We hope you are inspired and will choose to join our otter-ly amazing team of volunteers, donors, and partners.