Learn More About River Otters

Who doesn’t love a river otter? Luckily for us, river otters are making a splash across the Chesapeake Bay watershed and occupying freshwater tributaries like the Rappahannock River! Often, you must get up early or stay up late to catch one playing. With some luck and great timing, we hope you see one – it’s truly otter-ly amazing!

“If you haven’t ever watched an otter play, add it to your bucket list. Otters are intelligent, playful creatures by nature. Twirling through the water, rolling around in the snow, and dancing while they poop (yes, that’s true) are all part of what makes watching otters almost mesmerizing. These fascinating critters really are unique watershed residents.”
– Anjelic Eitel

In the meantime, head down to the Central Rappahannock Regional Library to learn more about otters. They have a wonderful list of books that you can cuddle up with your kiddos and read. Soon the entire family will love river otters as much as we do!

Eitel, Anjelic. “Five Facts You Otter Know.” Chesapeake Bay Foundation, September 20, 2021. https://www.cbf.org/blogs/save-the-bay/2021/09/five-facts-you-otter-know.html.

Learn More About the Rappahannock River

The Rappahannock River comes alive each spring with an abundance of aquatic creatures, birds, plant life, and the animals that enjoy the river shoreline. You can enjoy observing the wildlife from one of the river trails or parks, hiking, fishing, kayaking, photography, painting, and environmental education sessions with our local Friends of the Rappahannock experts. There are so many ways to enjoy the Rappahannock River its no wonder that river otters are calling it home!

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