Find the Bronze Otters

The bronze otter sculptures are a catalyst to create movement downtown and to introduce people to Riverfront Park, Hurkamp Park, important historic sites, and our Main Street district.  We hope you will park and linger, enjoy our shops and restaurants, take in our history, and just enjoy a day in our very special city.  You will soon see what our residents already know – Fredericksburg is Otter-ly Amazing!

Learn More About the Otters

These bronze river otter sculptures are the heart of our Project and serve to tell a story about our amazing community. Each river otter was named by their donor, and you can learn more about the donor and the location of the otter by scanning the QR code located on the base of each otter statue or clicking a box below. Go on the hunt and see how many otters you can find!

“Rose, Penny, Lenny, and Lily”

This river otter family was proudly donated by: The Card Cellar Bart Goldberg and Lenny and Penny Goldberg The river otter, two pups, and shad fish are named: “Rose, Penny, Lenny and Lily” When I first heard about the Otter-ly Amazing Fredericksburg Project I was...

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Rappahannock-Fredericksburg Rotary Club

This river otter was proudly donated by: Rappahannock-Fredericksburg Rotary Club The river otter is named: “Rappahannock-Fredericksburg Rotary Club” The Rappahannock-Fredericksburg Rotary Club is a group of more than 120 dedicated, professional leaders actively...

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“Jack, Reilly, and Buster”

This river otter was proudly donated by: Mary Jane O’Neill These three river otter pups are named: “Jack, Reilly, and Buster” These were my three beloved Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs. All are dead now but each was so special. All were named after special friends of...

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“Chester, Hondo, and Hickory”

This river otter was proudly donated by: John and Linda Coker The river otter and two pups are named: “Chester, Hondo and Hickory”   Momma Otter – Chester My Maiden name was Linda Chesnut. When I got to college, for some reason, my friends started calling me...

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This river otter was proudly donated by: Mary Katherine Greenlaw This river otter is named: “Lukey” My mother, Mary Louise Garnett Goodwin, nicknamed “Lukey,” was a native of Fredericksburg, as were her parents.  Her maternal grandfather, Rufus Bainbridge Merchant,...

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This river otter was proudly donated by: David and Anne Pierce and Family This river otter is named: “Ohana” Ohana is Hawaiian for family and family is very important to us.  We moved to Fredericksburg right after we got married in 1981 and all our boys were born and...

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“Adeline and Millie”

This river otter family was proudly donated by: The Pine Knot Fund of the Community Foundation and Melissa Colombo This momma river otter is named: “Adeline” The Pine Knot Fund at the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region is a donor advised fund set up...

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